Medical and Research Directors

NST’s US Medical director, Dr. John Abernethy MD, owns and runs a clinical research organization that has conducted more than 50 IRB clinical trials for pharmaceutical and food companies. Dr. Abernethy is a Board Certified physician and is a staff member at the University of Florida, Medical School. NST’s Foreign Medical Director located Mumbai is Dr. Dilip Mehta. Dr. Mehta did his post-graduate work at Penn State University and has successfully developed and patented several technologies in a variety of fields, including medicine. Dr. Mehta, manages NST’s team of Medical and Scientific professionals who cover a very broad range of expertise. Dr. Mehta brings over 35 years of R&D, Clinical Trial and Basic Research experience to NST.  Dr. Abernethy and Dr. Mehta lead NST’s Board of Medical and Research Directors as well as our clinical research team.

This gives NST a very unique advantage as we are able to design and conduct effective clinical trials at a highly reduced cost. Clinical studies are often avoided by companies in the dietary supplement, nutrition and food industries as they are extremely costly; with this distinct advantage, NST is capable of substantiating the products we work with by testing in a clinical setting. Safety, efficacy, tolerance and compliance are be verified and if the data warrants, the information can be published or used to file patents. This is a very unique advantage for NST as no other ingredient suppliers or formulation/production companies have similar access to costly clinical research.


Studies For MenaquinGold® Vitamin K2-7

Report – How to determine Natural Vitamin K2 vs. Synthetic Vitamin K2

An open labeled study of vitamin K2-7 (MK-7) in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and/ or megaloblastic anaemia

Therapeutic Activity and Safety of Vitamin K 2-7 in Muscle Cramps: An Interventional Case- Series

Vitamin K Derivatives: Effect on Human Melanocytes, Fibroblast and Melanoma Cells in Culture