Nu Science Trading (NST) is an organization that was formed by drawing on the need to integrate science, technology and the necessary marketing approach for a variety of ingredients. At the core of our business we have our techno-marketing capabilities that are highlighted by our ability to effectively market and distribute a high technology product into any given vertical. NST is organized to have professionals in all fields of science and engineering, marketing and sales. We have expertise in taking an idea or a product in its infancy and developing the needed science, developing and protecting the needed technology and then packaging all these components for a successful market launch. We have over 80 years of combined experience in research and development starting at basic research up to optimizing a developed technology. Our staff of scientists, engineers, designers and application experts can develop and optimize technologies/products in any field and our marketing and distribution group can effectively penetrate any market or vertical.

In addition to developing and marketing products for other manufacturers, NST has also developed and markets its own proprietary ingredients in the dietary supplement, medical food and food industries. Our current product offerings include highly efficacious, natural ingredients to support healthy cardiac function, prevent bone-loss and facilitate bone building, preventing anemia, joint pain-management, topical and ingested beauty compounds and a variety of powerful ayurvedic compounds. In addition we offer a series of topical ingredients for the treatment of burns/wounds, rosacea, vitiligo, eczema, acne and even cancer. NST has a proprietary distribution position in all the ingredients we market and additionally NST has ownerships in intellectual property and trademarks in several of the ingredients we market.

Considering NST’s strategic alliances and our clinical research capabilities, NST is truly a unique ingredient supplier. NST has the capability to source or manufacture any ingredient of interest and can further develop the science and technology behind that ingredient. NST will not only deliver an ingredient, but will also develop a marketing package with the proper positioning, back-up science and further available resources.