MenaquinGold® is Viridis BioPharma’s trademarked, natural vitamin K2-7. It is manufactured in a cGMP/HACCP/ISO 22000 certified facility by our manufacturing partner Viridis BioPharma’s subsidiary, Synergia Life Sciences. For many years, Vitamin K’s function was restricted to blood homeostasis regulation. Then, research linked Vitamin K2 to two crucial health benefits: bone health and cardiovascular health. Now there is even more science-supported research which show that Vitamin K2 can ease muscle cramping and increase the body’s utilization of oxygen or V02max.

Epidemiological studies suggest that many populations, although apparently healthy, may be deficient in vitamin K2, and this deficiency may impact our overall health and well-being. The biological role of MenaquinGold the most bio-available form of vitamin K2, is distinguished through its novel research and applications in muscle health and improving oxygen delivery to body tissues and cells. As a result, a new paradigm emerges in nutritional support of general health and well-being that involves nutritional supplementation of vitamin K2.

There is only one form of Vitamin K that delivers all these benefits at their best. Vitamin K2 – specifically menaquinone-7 (MK-7) – remains the most bio-available, bio-active, and longest-lasting form of Vitamin K. MenaquinGold is obtained in a soy-free fermentation process and is the Gold Standard for Vitamin K2-7.

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