Muscle Health

Cramping is an unfortunate part of muscle function — especially among the elderly. Thirty percent of men and women over age 60 experience this unpleasantness. The new and original research of menaquinone-7, as MenaquinGold® shows promise to alleviate cramping. One open field study with 19 elderly participants taking MenaquinGold® daily for 3 months reported a reduction in the frequency, duration, and severity of pain in cramping episodes.

Energy V02max

The ability of the body to utilize oxygen is measured by VO2max, or the maximum capacity to transport and use oxygen during incremental exercise. This value reflects a person’s physical fitness. An open field study revealed that subjects who took menaquin-7 as MenaquinGold® increased their VO2max levels. Even more impressive: The same phenomenon was observed in elite athletes who already boasted high levels of VO 2 max.

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