MenaquinGold® Proprietary Production Process

Viridis built a brand new GMP plant around the production of vitamin K2. Having over 100 combined years of experience in deep tank fermentation and extraction, Viridis quickly realized that standard methods for extraction were not going to serve the production of vitamin K2-7. Thus a 4 year endeavor was initiated to develop a completely unique and proprietary method of extracting vitamin K2-7 to achieve the highest concentrations, to avoid adulteration of the product and to keep by-product levels at a minimum. The proprietary extraction method also prevents the accumulation of metabolites that affect the long-term stability of vitamin K2-7, thus MenaquinGold has an unsurpassed stability record. The proprietary manufacturing process also prevents the accumulation of metabolites that affect the long-term stability of vitamin K2-7, thus MenaquinGold has an unsurpassed stability record.

A dedicated GMP production facility

MenaquinGold® Vitamin K2 is produced in a dedicated GMP factory that is also Kosher and Halal certified. In addition, the facility is regularly inspected by the Indian FDA officials; this ensures the highest quality.

MenaquinGold is 100% All-Natural

MenaquinGold® is produced via a deep tank fermentation process with bacillus subtilis NAT, a non-genetically modified, GRAS organism. This is essentially the same vitamin K2 that is found in high concentrations in the food natto; natto has been consumed for over 2000 years.

MenaquinGold offers the most Vitamin K2-7

Countless published papers have shown that vitamin K2-7 is ideal for the treatment of vitamin K2 deficiency. One key factor is the half life and shuttling of various forms of vitamin K2. Vitamin K has demonstrated that the 7 subunit length (thus K2-7) is highly efficacious for therapy and perfectly safe to consume. Dosages are based on vitamin K2-7. If one is using a vitamin K2 material that contains a mixed amount of K2-6, K2-7, K2-8, K2-9, etc. one would lose therapeutic control as dosages would have to be adjusted to compensate for the varying half-life’s. MenaquinGold has the highest concentrated amounts of K2-7 vs. other analogs and thus offers superior therapeutic control.

MenaquinGold was developed as a prescription ingredient

This fact means that every aspect of development is regulated and validated by a third party lab and by government authorities. MenaquinGold has an equivalent Drug Master File as is necessary when producing a prescription ingredient. This process insures that MenaquinGold has the absolute highest level of quality and reliability. MenaquinGold is also GRAS certified. (Generally Regarded As Safe)

MenaquinGold is verified by 2 independent laboratories

As part of the development of the equivalent Drug Master File, various aspects of MenaquinGold have to be validated by a third party laboratory. Two independent highly accredited analytical laboratories have validated analytical procedures of our MenaquinGold.

Ensuring Formulation Stability

MenaquinGold® has been successfully formulated into various dosage forms by several companies. The ingredient MenaquinGold has been studied for both long term and accelerated stability. This gives tremendous confidence to supplement formulators on the quality of ingredient for their formulations.

MenaquinGold® Formulations

  • 1000 ppm powder: used for most capsule & tablet formulations
  • 1500 ppm oil: great for oil-based such as soft gels
  • 2500 ppm granulated oil: extremely oil soluble; great for shelf stable beverages; creates the most stable emulsion
  • MenaquinGold® WS (Water Soluble) has virtually no organoleptic impact. WS is 100% stable, odorless, cold and hot water-soluble and can be used directly in any aqueous and semi-aqueous product.



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